Tips and Power Outages

Helpful Hints Before You Call An Electrician

If you are experiencing a power outage, find you have no power to a part of your house, or no power to an outlet or switch – save yourself time and money by checking the following common things first:

  1. Check the breaker box for a tripped fuse or blown fuse
  2. Check GFCI outlets to see if they were tripped and need to be reset
  3. Check or change the lightbulb
  4. Check to see if there is a panel switch that turns the power on/off for the outlet

Power Outages

If you are experiencing a power outage please check with your local power company who provides your service:

Click on link below for more information:

Black Hills Electric Cooperative

Headquarters: Custer, SD

Black Hills Power

Headquarters: Rapid City, SD

Butte Electric

Headquarters: Newell, SD

Montana-Dakota Utilities (MDU)

Serving South Dakota and surrounding areas

West River Electric

Headquarters: Wall, SD & Rapid City, SD


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