Residential Electricians Rapid City, SD
At American Electric we pride ourselves of providing home or property owners the peace of mind knowing their new home construction or remodeling projects are not only done with the highest quality and expertise, but all of our work is backed by a 1 Year Guarantee.
Our team of certified, residential electricians have the expertise to help make your visions reality. We take the time to evaluate your blueprints and current residential electrical wiring situation, and make our expert design recommendations and electrical consultations. We will help you choose the highest quality, most energy efficient and cost appropriate solutions for any residential electrical build; whether it be new construction or remodel/rewire. From plugs, switches, outlets, light fixtures, appliances, heaters and other items.
We can also provide a thorough Electrical Code Inspection. We will inspect your residence/property and electrical devices in your home to insure all your appliances, outlets and wiring are up to code. We check your electrical panel to ensure proper connections, labeling, and function.
If we find something that does not meet code or is a potential electrical or fire hazard, we can remedy the problem on the spot or arrange to resolve as soon as possible.
Our fully trained, licensed and certified crews are friendly and courteous. They will arrive in American Electric labeled, fully stocked vans or trucks. Taking the time to remove their shoes, clean up any mess, and restore your home and property better then they found it. Your problems are solved with just one call to American Electric of Rapid City, SD. Whether it be a scheduled service or an after hours emergency.

Residential Electrical Services